Shio Quek

Shio Quek - Abstract

Original Title: 郭修彧 - 抽象图
Language: Mandarin, English
Genre: Ballad, Rock, Trance
Release date: December 18, 2016
Bit rate: MP3-320 kbps
Filesize: 90.9 MB


01. Extrication
02. 幻想的作品 (Huan Xiang De Zuo Pin) [Works Of Fantasy]
03. 抽象图 (Chou Xiang Tu) [Abstract Painting]
04. End To Ribbons
05. 蝴蝶效应 (Hu Die Xiao Ying) [Butterfly Effect]
06. 平衡点 (Ping Heng Dian) [Balance Point]
07. 幸福的独奏 (Xing Fu De Du Zou) [Solo Bliss]
08. Your Name
09. 出来 (Chu Lai) [Emerge] (Void)
10. Yesterday

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