SD5 - Shining Diamond

Original Title: SD5男团 - Shining Diamond
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop, Electronic Pop, Ballad
Release date: June 25, 2011
Bit rate: MP3-VBR
Filesize: 69.23 MB


01. Shining Diamond
02. 不OK (Bu OK) [Not OK]
03. 谁 (Shei) [Who]
04. Jump Up
05. 没品 (Mei Pin) [No Taste]
06. 越来越想爱上你 (Yue Lai Yue Xiang Ai Shang Ni) [Want To Love You More And More]
07. 挡不住 (Dang Bu Zhu) [Continuously Blocking]
08. My Girl
09. Everything I Do
10. 晒幸福 (Shai Xing Fu) [Show Happiness]

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