S (Kangta, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ji Hoon)

S (Kangta, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ji Hoon) - Autumn Breeze

Original Title: S (강타, 신혜성, 이지훈) - Autumn Breeze
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Release date: October 24, 2014
Bit rate: MP3-320 kbps
Filesize: 48.84 MB


01. 하고 싶은 거 다 (Hago Sipeun Geo Da) [What I Want To Do] (Without You)
02. 내려놓기 (Naeryeonoki) [Deposition] (One Last Memory)
03. 세상 속으로 (Sesang Sogeuro) [In The World] (Utopia)
04. 이런 어느 날 (Ireon Eoneu Nar) [One Fine Day]
05. Secret Letter

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