Rosie Yang

Rosie Yang - Unbroken

Original Title: 杨凯琳 - 一直微笑
Language: Mandarin, English
Genre: Rock, Dance Pop, R&B, Pop, Ballad
Release date: October 2, 2015
Bit rate: MP3-320 kbps
Filesize: 98.4 MB


01. 涂鸦世界 (Tu Ya Shi Jie) [Graffiti World]
02. 一直微笑 (Yi Zhi Wei Xiao) [Always Smiling] (I Won't Count My Tears)
03. 怎么还不爱 (Zen Me Hai Bu Ai) [Why Still Not Love] (Mad Love Version) ft. Yu Feng
04. 说爱 (Shuo Ai) [Talk About Love] (So What)
05. Whole Lot Of Yellow
06. 不忘 (Bu Wang) [Never Forget]
07. I Fell In Love ft. Robin Lundback
08. 某某 (Mou Mou) [So-and-so]
09. 想念是最长的线 (Xiang Nian Shi Zui Chang De Xian) [Longing Is The Longest Thread] (Miss U)
10. Set Me On Fire
11. 怎么还不爱 (Zen Me Hai Bu Ai) [Why Still Not Love] (Ambiguous Rhythm Version) ft. Yu Feng

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