Ko Chen Tung

Ko Chen Tung - Be Yourself

Original Title: 柯震东 - 有话直说
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop, Ballad, Pop Rock
Release date: November 11, 2011
Bit rate: MP3-320 kbps
Filesize: 95.68 MB


01. 请让我继续喜欢你 (Qing Rang Wo Ji Xu Xi Huan Ni) [Please Let Me Continue To Like You]
02. 请比我爱她 (Qing Bi Wo Ai Ta) [Please Love Her Better Than Me]
03. 有话直说 (You Hua Zhi Shuo) [If You Have Something To Say Just Say It]
04. 爱你戒不掉 (Ai Ni Jie Bu Diao) [Can't Stop Loving You]
05. 爱就爱 (Ai Jiu Ai) [Love, Just Love]
06. 漂流瓶 (Piao Liu Ping) [Message In A Bottle] ft. Michelle Chen
07. 左右 (Zuo You) [Approximately]
08. 封锁你 (Feng Suo Ni) [Blocking You]
09. Be My Baby
10. 百式之零 (Bai Shi Zhi Ling) [One Hundred Zero's]

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