iM (Chinese)

iM - iM Coming

Original Title: iM - iM Coming
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Dance
Release date: June 25, 2018
Bit rate: MP3-320 kbps
Filesize: 76.8 MB


01. iM
02. 被爱关注 (Bei Ai Guan Zhu) [Be Loved With Attention]
03. Just Be Yourself
04. 一直都在 (Yi Zhi Dou Zai) [Always Here]
05. Better Than U
06. 海啸吧 (Hai Xiao Ba) [Tsunami Bar]
07. 颜色 (Yan Se) [Colors] (Remix)
08. We Like It
09. 上上下下 (Shang Shang Xia Xia) [Up And Down]

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