01. Do not copy my tracklists. I translated them all myself. If you want to use them, ask in advance and do not forget to credit me. Thank you.

02. Please do not re-upload my files. This is for the same reason as above. I do not want others to use my translations and edited album art without my permission.

03. Spamming on the website is not allowed. If you do spam and do not quit after a warning, I will have to ban you from the shoutbox or even the website if necessary.

04. Do not hotlink images.


None of the music files belong to Asia Pop Addiction in any way. The music belongs to their rightful owners.
Please respect the artists and note that all music is just for preview. Supporting the artist by buying a copy of the album is highly appreciated.

Asia Pop Addiction does not host any music files or materials on the webserver. Do not hestitate to contact when the file is infringing upon your rights, just show the copyright of the music, and the file will be deleted within 24 hours.


Can I request?
Requests are allowed. Just leave a message in the shoutbox. (It sometimes takes a while. I am human too, after all).

I cannot open the file, how do I fix it?
Please check whether you have Winrar installed. If it still will not open or gives an error, then I will re-upload the file for you.

There are songs corrupted in the file, what do I do?
Please let me know in the shoutbox and I will help you. Sometimes it helps to re-download the file. If the file is still corrupted after re-downloading, then I will re-upload the file for you. :)

What do I do when a link does not work anymore?
Just leave a message in the shoutbox and I will fix the link as soon as possible.

My request is taking a while now, how come?
I am sorry if that happens. I do not always have the time to upload new albums. Aside from searching for the file and uploading it, I also translate the complete tracklist. These translations will be pasted onto the files, so that they show up when you are playing songs. Same goes for the album art, I always edit them to make sure they are looking good. This is mostly why it always takes a while to upload new albums. I ask you to be patient, and thanks for understanding. :)

Other questions?
Just ask in the shoutbox and I will answer your question as soon as possible.

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