Esther Zhang

Esther Zhang - Complete With Love

Original Title: 张星唯 - 与爱共有
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Ballad, Rock, Pop
Release date: September 17, 2015
Bit rate: MP3-192 kbps
Filesize: 61.0 MB


01. 与爱共有 (Yu Ai Gong You) [Complete With Love]
02. 个中滋味 (Ge Zhong Zi Wei) [This Taste]
03. 伤心的冬季 (Shang Xin De Dong Ji) [Sad Winter]
04. 我不爱了 (Wo Bu Ai Le) [I Will No Longer Love]
05. 反覆受伤 (Fan Fu Shou Shang) [Repeatedly Wounded]
06. 让人费解 (Rang Ren Fei Jie) [Making People Confused]
07. 彼岸的爱 (Bi An De Ai) [The Other Side Of Love]
08. 如果爱 (Ru Guo Ai) [If Love]
09. 我一个人走 (Wo Yi Ge Ren Zou) [I Go On My Own]
10. 未满的爱情 (Wei Man De Ai Qing) [Incomplete Love]

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