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Here you can find a lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese music with translated tracklists. Please respect the artists and note that all the music is just for preview.
Supporting the artists is highly appreciated! If you like a song, please go and buy yourself a copy.

Request List to be closed for the time being

Yukana, 28 Jun 2018
Hello everyone!

I have already written this down in the shoutbox, but since it is important, I will write it down here as well.

I finally had the time to go through the messages in the shoutbox and added most of the new requests to the Request List. Some requests, of which mostly Japanese artists/groups, I will not be adding to the request list. A lot of Japanese acts are hard to find, as the copyright in Japan is a lot stricter than in other countries. For these artists/groups I'd suggest buying the music if you really want it.

Requests for single albums have been added to my notepad and I will work on those in the coming days/weeks. If I can't find something, I will let you know, of course.

Also, if you check the Request List page, you will see that I have closed the Request List for now. I will not be adding new requests until I have worked this list down. The amount of requests that I receive these days are becoming too much. This way, I will never be able to get to everyone's request. I'm also more busy these coming weeks, which is all the more why I need to put new requests on hold.

Hope you guys understand! ´・ᴗ・`♡

Website up to date again | Some small changes

Yukana, 2 Oct 2017
Hello everyone! (◕◡◕)

After months of re-uploading and adding new albums the website is finally up to date again. The only pages that I need to update are the OST’s, but I will get to those one day! As I have already mentioned in the shoutbox, I will be quite busy in the coming months. This is why I will not be able to focus much on requests. I will, of course, write them all down in the request list, but mostly bigger requests will have to be put on hold for now.

My main focus right now is keeping the website up to date, so that it will not become outdated like before. As the gap got bigger and bigger I became more fatigued just thinking about updating the website. I do not want this to happen again, so that is why I put the focus on uploading new music instead of working on a lot of requests.

I have also changed up the layout a little bit, as I felt like it could use some upgrades. I changed some fonts here and there and switched the navigation bar to the left for once. I do not have all the time in the world to design a complete new layout, but I also feel like it is not necessary, as this layout is easy on the eyes and is quite easy to navigate (at least in my opinion ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ).

Oh, and last but not least: You can access this website either on asiapopaddiction.com or asiapopaddition.net. I have found a new host for asiapopaddiction.com and it seems to be working better than the host of asiapopaddiction.net, which has a lot of downtime and poofs for days without me knowing why. So, in case you are not able visit the website on either the .net one or the .com one, try checking the other URL, as that one might be working for you instead.

Back from very long hiatus | Slowly reuploading

Yukana, 12 Nov 2016
Long time no see guys,

Most of you have probably left by now thinking the website is dead, since I've been gone over 2 years. (And I don't blame you, haha). My life got busier and busier with each day, and I ended up having to put a hold on updating Asia Pop Addiction. I had so much on my mind that I even forgot to completely mention that I will be gone for a while. Very sorry for not keeping you guys up to date with this website. My mind was somewhere else completely: school.

School was very time-consuming the last few years, and it became harder to update this website, and finish school work, and have time for myself. In the end I had to sacrifice some things, like Asia Pop Addiction. The idea of download links dying and new music coming each day was kind of stressing me out, and the fun of having this website kind of disappeared. So in that way, it was a good decision to take a break from updating this website. I don't want this hobby to turn out into a something I'm not enjoying.

Over time all download-links vanished, and even the server where I uploaded most of my images got deleted. That is why most images on pages currently don't work. I'm slowly reuploading all of them. If there are certain artists you want to have reuploaded sooner, just mention it in the shoutbox, and I'll reupload those first.

Regarding new albums which have come out these last two years, I have all of those stored on my computer. I did continue downloading music for personal usage. (It just took me way too long to upload them here as well). I currently want to focus on reuploading the albums I currently have on here, and after that I'll add new albums to all pages.

Please be patient!
Slowly but surely this site should be fully back up and running. ヾ(^∇^)

Large Update | New Layout | New Features

Yukana, 12 Oct 2014
Hi everyone!

It's been a long time and I'm very sorry about that. (×_×;)
At first I was just tired from school and didn't feel like doing anything, but later I was trying to think of stuff to make everything much easier for me. I found ways to make reuploading much easier and I also eased up the html for myself. Then I decided to add a new layout while I was at it, but that took forever since I had to change the html on EVERY page. (I have about 600+ of them).

However, I didn't want to give up so I continued with it and this is the result.

So what is new?
  • I changed the layout since it was time to upgrade the site to a better one.
  • I added extra info to albums, such as the bit-rate, genre and original title. Many were asking for the bit-rate of albums, since some only listen to 320kbps. So here you go!
  • I made it easier for myself to upload albums, so I should be faster with reuploading albums now.
  • I added a 'back-to-the-top'-button which will appear in the lower-right corner once you scroll down, this makes it easier to scroll back up.
  • On the newest albums page I added the language of each album, so its easier to navigate.

I tried adding a search engine, but that won't work. My website is not made in the style of most blogs, so when you try and search in the search box, the artist will be highlighted on every page in the navigation bar, so pretty much every page will show up in the search box. I tried to make the site as easy as possible with navigating. And of course, you can always ask me when you can't find stuff.

I'm still looking for a different host for all my images, but that'll probably cost me money, so for now, if images suddenly don't load, it's because the current host I have goes offline from time to time when it's busy.

Thank you very much for the wait, and enjoy! ♪(┌・。・)┌

Moved again | Happy new year!

Yukana, 29 Dec 2013
Hi hi guys!

It's been a while! School has been taking up all my time, but I think I can manage now. Hehe.

You also probably noticed that I moved again. My previous host, x90x, decided to close and gave me like only one week notice before all websites would go down. So, of course, that was kinda stressing for me. Had to relink every image as soon as possible, but I think I'll get all that done before x90x disappears.

So from now on, I have my own domain . The uptime should be a lot better so it was worth the money.
Make sure to favorite the new domain: asiapopaddiction.com!

I wish you all a very happy new year and thank you for staying here after my slow updates.
I love you guys! :D

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